Marketing and Integration – How to Make It Work?

These two departments are fundamental for any business if they’re in a working group that deals with it, so everything can have a correct management and works well both internally and externally in the Company.

It’s very important to apply the integration in all the businesses because, in this way you will not only generate advantages for your own brand, you will also be applying the inclusion and guaranteeing the right to work to people who have fewer opportunities:


5 - Marketing and Integration - How to Make It Work?
Inclusion is the action of including; especially in this issue, the inclusion of people with disabilities should apply not only in the areas of work but also in advertising and any other related to marketing.

It’s scientifically proven that people with disabilities don’t get a lot of publicity because they generate some “discomfort” in the public, which has been fueled by the irregularity of this type of inclusion, causing surprise instead of joy to incorporate people with special conditions on something.

Communication Channel

You can also create a group of jobs in human resources that address the deficiencies or needs of people with disabilities and return short-term objectives to the evaluation of some activities, conditions or general accessibility within the company for this community of workers.


You must also demonstrate a sincere commitment to this type of inclusion campaign, you can also do it partnering with some organizations of people with disabilities and working together.

Showing a humanitarian commitment not only for your company but for it to be a measure that applies to all companies and thus helping to increase employment opportunities for these people.

Think Big

Being a company that can achieve a major change in your locality, it’s important that you think big, that’s to say in general so as to take advantage of areas that many entrepreneurs haven’t risked having the security of having only staff trained in all forms.

Applying policies in favor of work disability doesn’t mean that you stop producing what you normally do or generate less than you perceived. It can even generate a totally opposite impact as people will realize that the company is still competitive and cares to reach out to all people.

To take advantage of the multimillion-dollar disability market, your company must remain competitive and keep its business focus relevant to people with disabilities and their allies. Ensure that new product ideas and marketing efforts reflect universal design to ensure equitable access and full participation of the community with disabilities.


6 - Marketing and Integration - How to Make It Work?
Your company must publicly demonstrate support to the disabled community especially, and like that everyone feels integrated with any project. All of this must also be done through different activities, meetings, planning and many more.

You can also organize job fairs for people with disabilities who have some experience or preparation for some position.

It’s very important that many companies apply this type of policy to achieve a very important change in society as much to learn to integrate any type of people regardless not only their physical condition but also themes like sex, religion or anything that defines them as human beings, because we all have the right to do what we love.

Europe vs USA – How Geography Change Marketing Tactics?

The European and American markets are very different from many points of view, starting from its legal, cultural, political, social, commercial, and many other things that have influenced the marketing of various products and services. Here we bring you some of those marketing strategies that differentiate the market of these two continents:

Creation and Innovation

European companies are more likely to keep their market innovated with different products or services that launch regularly to make all the people known and enter the market for exports and much more at the national level.

While the Americans are more sustained from that point since among the same local or regional companies can perform excellent business on a particular brand.

Good Marketing Methods

3 - Europe vs USA - How Geography Change Marketing Tactics?
According to some studies conducted by experts, analyzing the marketing methods applied in both contents, have yielded very good results. In both, good methods have been carried out, they even have almost the same percentage both, expanding their knowledge in online marketing, being applied in thousands of companies in both places and that have had excellent results.


The US market is more stable than the European market because of the great strength of the dollar, even being a pioneer in different countries, which makes it contribute positively to the state as such. On the other hand the European isn’t so unstable to get to worry, but being so politically correct they’re possibly something tedious to carry out.

And although in Europe, the euro or the pound has more value than the same dollar, neither of these two are stable enough, especially having so many countries with different currencies.

Everything you have to see as a means of communication should always have the necessary recognition in addition to applying various strategies for its use and take advantage of the feedback.


Normally the companies of the United States focus on primary objectives, but especially one, in particular, that is to overcome any company that becomes its own competence, to create new innovations.


The most tedious protocols without a doubt are the Europeans, not only for the regulations that must be met, from those enacted by the European Union as well as the internal ones of each country or in the case of the United States, in case of each state of the country what makes it up

Influence of New Technologies

4 - Europe vs USA - How Geography Change Marketing Tactics?
These two continents have been strongly influenced by the innovation in new technologies that we go crazy to acquire. Especially in the United States where they have been able to know how to deal with the application of these new technologies.

One of the best ideas has been the creation of applications or pages for online sales where you can acquire everything you want, especially with anything about phones such as the use of online delivery, social networks, and much more.

These two markets are particularly the most stable in the world where they really carry out good international relations with other states in terms of marketing, but above all, applying good marketing techniques will help expand their status or page.